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Posted by saucierD on February 18, 1999 at 03:57:08:

In Reply to: Re: Respecting the Pastry Chef(s) posted by saucier D on February 18, 1999 at 03:37:55:

: : i'm appalled at the statement:"...if it weren't for the pastry chefs i would be short of a couple dates the last few years, so i appreciated a cute sweaty woman covered with flour." i'm sure as hell glad i'm not in the same kitchen with saucierd, if that is the extent of his gratitude towards those who practice the pastry arts. different jobs, different people work them. i don't like working nights, so i've chosen baking. guess saucierd doesn't like getting up at 4 a.m. fine by me. we all make sacrifices in this business, don't take out your frustations and get all noble because you've chosen the job you have. everyone works hard, and the best kitchens to work in are when everyone respects every position, from chef de cuisine to dishwasher.
You are weak and easily offended, too bad.
No position in the entire back of the house for the thin-skinned pristine flowers. Not that I'm the first or the last I chose this bath after receiving two a B.S. that included two majors and a minor.
no , I was not a writing composition graduate assistant. I genuinely do respect all positions in the kithcen as I have hired, fired, sometimes immediately thereafter, worked all positions including potwash, utility, receiving, storage, steward, etc. I can do the front of the house in the same fashion. This is my life, I chose it, If you don't think I can write, prep, execute, and artistically plate a dessert menu and fresh breads enjoy that small little one white tablecloth reastaraunt town in which you life.If thats you from the U.S. Olympic team I take that back. If its anyone else that was miffed, I'm sure you a very talented and I'll send you the address for the complete pillsbury collection of box labels. NOW
YOU'RE OFFENDED AGAIN. OK see submission of mine further down the list if you can stomach someone's discourse that is not just like you. Amazing world.

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