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Posted by yoo whooooo on February 13, 1999 at 12:45:55:

In Reply to: RE: too rushed posted by Posted by: quebec on Fri Mar 14 23:17:22 1997 :

: Why would anyone just sit and wait 45 minutes for the food to arrive? Callyour waiter over! Better yet, inform your server in the beginning that youmust be out by a certaintime. A good waiter will steer you away from items that take longer toprepare and inform you of what is available quickly. So many times I wasnot informed that my customers were in a hurry until I had justdelivered that special dish that took 15 extra minutes to prepare. Agood waiter will anticipate your needs. No waiter can read your mind.Bottom line...tell us what you want and don` hesitate to call us over ifthings aren` going the way you want. The last thing any waiter wants todo is blow his tip because you` unhappy.

thank you, it's true, we don't want to blow out tip just because we couldn't read your mind. we do try to anticipate your needs and when we forget something it's not malicious, we do have other tables and other runs to make.....

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