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Posted by Davian Sanner on December 04, 1998 at 23:32:02:

In Reply to: RE: UNRULY CHILDREN posted by Posted by: BT on Tue Jul 1 15:17:08 1997 :

: Being a Perfect PARENT is not the problem, NOT being a Consistentdisciplinarin is.Tantrums must be an accepted form of behavor in your house. Howunfortunate for for the rest of us that have to deal with your mistakes.Anyone wanted to become a parent should have to take a test, just likefor the exotic animals. Indepth knowledge of care, feeding, rasing, behaviorcontrol etc. But you will never see it." have to take a test to become a Bus driver, but ANY IDIOT can be aParent." Man have your numbers grown!If your going to have them, take the RESPONSIBILITY for THEM!
There is NO such thing as a perfect parent or a perfect person of this world!! Children do not come with instructions tatooed on their behinds!! There are many medical reasons for unruliness in a child just as there are cop-outs!! Whoever typed this trash is the real idiot and yes, your numbers are growing!!!!

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