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Posted by CHEFJOEK on March 02, 1998 at 11:38:15:

I am sick and tired of hearing all the whining in this industry. I'm certified, I'm not certified. The customer hurt my feelings by sending my food back for more heat etc. I know better than ALL my customers about what They want! The A.C.F. this, the A.C.F. that. Who is my customer to question me! It's better to come up through the ranks, It's better to go to school. ETC.,ETC.. GROW UP!
I'am not certified, but I am working towards certification. I have gone to culinary school and have completed the bulk of my education some time ago. However as we all know that it is true, time and experience are also great teachers. Our business is one from which we will never cease to learn and we all have something to learn and share.
We all know how much pressure we are under to perform daily and under what conditions and restrictions. But is it really needed to repeat it everyday of your life to remind youself how miserable you are? I was a career changer and was miserable in my previous job but I moved on. Not to sound cliche, but if you can't take the heat, then get the hell out of the kitchen. The majority of us come into this business with the urge to please our customers and maybe at the same time to make a buck or two. Not all of us will get rich from our positions nor will most of us become "Celebrity Chefs", but if thats why your here, your surely in the wrong place anyway.
The Culinary Arts is about just that. The art of providing healthy, sound, appealing and nutritious foods. And the more that we can do by educating ourselves, associates and customers, the better we are at what we do. Our strive should be to be the best in our industry. Either through education, experience, or certification. How better a way to accomplish this than through culinary salons and competitions where we can fine tune our techniques and skill? Who better to judge those skills and techniques than our peers? How us to practice our trade, than by classical methods? How better to build a career than on these foundations? How better to protect ourselves and all we have accomplished against all these so called "Master Chefs" created by the press and public relations firms? It's about performance and getting through service, and doing what we do best. COOKING! And all of the above will get us there!
So stop all the moaning and groaning and do your job. Learn as much as you can and teach as many who are willing to learn. There's enough room for all of us. Besides, the one's that generally moan and groan are the one's on the line making $5.00 an hour with no where to go, and in a big rush to get there. And for God's sake, please learn how to spell! We have to raise and than maintain our standards to be regarded as professionals

. "Cooking is from the heart"

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