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Posted by Posted by: Sick of brats! on Wed Jan 8 12:27:05 1997 :

I totally have to agree with both these people on the subject of theirchildren. Just this last Saturday I was working by myself at a restaurantin my home town. All at once 70 people came in with their kids (it was ahockey tournament for 7 year old kids) make a long story short,therewas about 30 youngkids running around in circles all over the by myself runninginto these kids (trying to provide everyone with as good of service as Iwas able to ), and their parents just sitting there and watching. I musthave bumped into the same 15 kids about 20 times each. I understand thatwhen a parent goes to a restaurant, that they want a nice nightout...but to these parents, I also have to say this; Have some respectfor the people serving you...I` sure that our jobs are 100 times morestrenuous and less gratifying than the guy that sits behind his desk allday pushing papers. I` not being paid $5.95 an hour to look after yourkids. The least these parents could do is provide their children withtable manners, and keep their eye on their own children. I` sure that inthe long run these children would be grateful they were taught propertable manners. I know that I am grateful to my mother for teaching me tohave good table manners.

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