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Yes, If you don` pay someone else will and no one is there to kiss your ass.And sounding from your tone you` not a very good tipper anyway. You expecttoo muchfor your 11% pal And it` not the waitstaff who makes the prices your payingfor it` themanagement and besides it` not like you " Customer" so to say can actuallymake thedrinks, or food at you shack you call home. Your too busy having yourwaitress or waiter run around splitting a 6.50$ check with your friend andputting 5.678942444444 on one secured credit cardand then the rest on another and then after they` done with your crapyou say " You were very good we love you and this is for you," as you handhim a 5.00 bill and some change from you totalwhich would be 75.00 you are a sad individual. if it were my restaurantyou were eating in I` ask you to leavewith your attitude and no you will not get anything "" just because youDidn` like the snapper served with thehead on it or your on your period.

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