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Posted by Posted by: The Ripper on Wed Jan 22 11:55:03 1997 :

Something I` like to say. CIAI don` know how many times Ive had to embarrass one of theseoverprivaliged brats their mommy` and daddy` send them there and suddenlythey know it all. True Story , True Story True Story,I was 18 and cooking for 3 years steady on the line and going to schoolwhile these kids were running around in the carparents giving them money, I was earning it. and I just came back fromthe west I worked there for the winter and went to schoolI graduated from High School that is. And lived with my dad Paid rentbecause he` a cheap bastard. and started work at this former alcoholicnewscasters restaurant well he had this team of two chefs, one white, oneblack the white guy was a hillbilly who worked there since he was like 17now 24 and still amoron. The Black guy was a culinary graduate from a community collegeworked for everything he had I had respect for him. the hillbilly got theposition because hekissed ass really well.Well anyway, they have this great Idea of having a truly fine diningnight . Now the dining room itself is beautiful. great place no expensespared.well they had a kid who worked there for like a year or two during thesummer and then went to the CIA well he just graduated and the alcoholicowner and his highfalutant wife loved this kid because he kissed assbetter than the hillbilly.Well the black guy respected me because I was no slouch. I was reallysmart. I had a great vocabulary, and and even better cooking style. Moretalent then they could get at that podunk town.Well they had this fine dinning night and the CIA brat. Sort of tookover in a way now I` been bustin my crack there for 4 months so needlessto say I really don` like some over privledged primadonna shittin on myshoesso I put up with his rants and raves until the big night ,,, the nightbefore we accomplished thepreping and such and the entire crew sat downto talk about the big day.Well the CIA brat boasted how he was " SOUS Chef at charlie trotters andhow he didn` want to see a dirty station and who ever left his or herstation dirty he` come down on so hard they` never forget it"Ok the next day arrived and the cooking began I left my cleaning towelson his side and tore my station to pieces, I mean fucking filthy. and Ijust stood there and watched him wipe up after me like a maid and youknow what he didn` say a word.He kept his mouth shut. As well he better because I wouldn` think twiceabout embarrasing him , outcooking him, out thinking him , and outclassing him.To all new CIA brats beware I better not get a hold of you.Like they have been touched by Jesus Crist.I would appreciate feed back on this issue.

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