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Posted by Posted by: Lost voice on Tue Feb 18 09:14:56 1997 :

Enough about children already... In an earlier forum at this site thesubject had already been done to death. One will always remember the badchildren, rarely thegood ones. As a professional body it is a poor attitude to knockcolleagues, evenwhen they be shits, we all know they are here, there and everywhere, ifyou are currently working with one, then do so quietly or move on. It isone of the few industries that has such an easy relocation factor.Ultimately to knock someone will only reflect on the knocker.You can choose friends, not family. Unfortunately we are in a serviceindustry and can rarely choose our customers, even though at times Ihate having to cook food not from a current menu, but a poorer choice ofthe customers choosing, I do so within limits because it is our job.Thanks Starchefs for a last providing a safty valve for the other sideof the table. P.S Mobile phones in restaurants should be banned !!

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