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Posted by Posted by: quebec on Fri Mar 14 23:15:10 1997 :

Here are a few of my pet peeves, though they don` make me angry. Anyone canwalk through the doors of a restaurant. As a waiter, we` counting on that.1. Doesn` matter if the butter is hard of soft, someone will alwayscomplain as if we` personally out to ruin their evening.2. The soup is never hot enough for some people, especially seniors. Itook one bowl back to the kitchen twice, finally microwaving it longenough that it was still bubbling when I set it in front of my customer.He was thrilled. I prayed I wouldn` get sued.3. Men who order for their ladies, but don` do their homework. " ladywill have Prime Rib". But the poor man doesn` know how she wants itcooked or whether she wants soup or salad. I don` want to be rude, sir,but why didn` I just ask the lady in the first place? When he finallyorders his own New York steak the gentleman (in his mid 50`) has to askhis wife how he likes his meat cooked. This is not an isolated incident.4. Screw up their dinner, but God help you if you deliver bacon that`not cooked crisp. They` pull you down so they can get in your face andthreaten you over a couple of strips of bacon. We don` serve bacon that`not crisp. We wouldn` dare.5. Cheap tippers will always be with us. Some people will run up a billof $75 and present you with a buck like they` giving you their firstborn. You wonder what went wrong, but they come back each Friday eveningwith their special dollar for you. One wonders if they even notice thatthey always sit next to the kitchen now. Others tip sparsely solelybecause they can. My own father fits into this category. Still otherschat with the waiter, eat heartily, say everything is fine, then leave asingle penny. What is that, some kind of code? If so, we probablydisagree as to it` meaning. I` stiffed waiters before,but never withouttelling them why. I promise I` not out to purposely ruin your diningexperience. If you` unhappy, please give me the oportunity to makethings right.6. Overheard while serving a table of two senior couples. One woman saysto another, " I was rubbing Vicks on his chest for 4 days and all thetime he was having a heart attack!"

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