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Posted by Posted by: Linda on Wed May 7 19:01:32 1997 :

I` one of those conscientious diners who calls the restaurant if there isany change of plan or if we` runninga bit late; I` also a chef. So it really makes me crazy when, as justhappened recently, I have to wait longerthan what I consider to be a reasonable amount of time for myreservation. (A reasonable amount of time is thesame amount of time most restaurants will hold a reservation for latearrivals, say 15 to 20 minutes.) We arrivedat restaurant Daniel (in New York) for our 9pm. seating and were forcedto wait for 1 hour to be seated becausethe party occupying our table included a famous actor. The front of thehouse made no attempt whatsoever toto ameliorate the situation: no offer of a glass of wine while wewaited; no offer of a complimentary coffee ordessert after the dinner; no asking the table dawdling over coffee ifthey would mind sitting at a table outside(it was a gorgeous night) and continuing their conversation there;nothing !! So when a restaurant complainsabout rude clients, just remember that it` a two-way street. As forrestaurant Daniel, Chef Bouloud may makefabulous food, but the front of the house hasn` a clue about managing arestaurant. When you pay over $200per person to eat at a restaurant, what might be a resented butforgivable lapse at a $20 a head place becomesabsolutely inexcuseable! P.S. The cramped surroundings and condescendingnature of the service at restaurantDaniel can` overcome the beautiful food; give this place a miss. Thereare many fantastic places in N.Y.C. sodon` waste time or $$ at Daniel.

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