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Posted by Posted by: BJL on Wed Feb 4 13:34:51 1998 :

I completely agree with you J. Gangloff. There is no single turnoff to adining experience than having a whining, crying, or unruly child alsopresent in the dining room. My message to the parents of these children(and I speak for a lot offolks) is ` home!. No one cares about hearing or seeing you and yourmal-behaved children. It makes a sorry statement about your own abilityto be a competent, responsible parent. Don` ruin our evening, too! Iwill also say that I have a lot of respect for those parents whoimmediately take their problem children out of the public dining areaand resolve the problem (whether that means shooting the kid with ahorse tranquilizer, knocking him out, or locking him in the car in theparking lot).`Larger restaurants who want to attract families with children as well assingles and couples should create a large, sound-proof dining room whereall of the familes with children can dine. The rest of us are quitecontent to dine in the peace and quiet of the main dining room.

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