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Posted by Shell on August 29, 2001 at 02:28:45:

I see some people posted on this board who are not servers! I, myself, am a waitress. The only thing i hate, is people who have no power in their outside lives, coming into the restaurant and bossing me around, assuming i am not human. These people usually cause all of the problems. They order the redneck lemonades (water, extra lemon, extra sugar), they complain about EVERYTHING, try to get ANYTHING for free, and just plain act obnoxious. Other than that.. i kind of like waitressing. It's not a bad job while i'm in school, and in the three years i have been doing it, i have so many stories to tell! It's better than sitting on your ass in some office, it's never boring, and i learn a lot about human beings. I've had so many laughs in these three years, and it only gets better now that i have gotten really good at what i do. Well, on the reading the other posts!


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