Re: "Please pay your server!" - and another question for Jule

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Posted by Jule on February 27, 2001 at 12:33:02:

In Reply to: Re: "Please pay your server!" - and another question for Jule posted by Arthur on February 26, 2001 at 16:50:22:

Hello again Arthur. While I can understand the reason now, I still don't see that it is totally appropriate. Guests should have the OPTION of paying their server or just going to the register to pay. I don't feel it is right to DEMAND that you pay your server--especially in a situation like yours and your friend's. I, too, have walked out of a restaurant without paying because no one was at the register (and I stood there for 10 minutes waiting--apparenlty no one saw me either) and our server had vanished. They should expect this to happen if the people are either just too busy working or chatting to get to you. I do hope you made the point about your having to leave and how this did inconvenience you. They need to hear from their guests that this POLICY is not working for some people, which could adversly affect the restaurants success. Good luck to you. I wouldn't be afraid of stiffing the bill if a similar situation occured in which I HAD to leave promptly (or if I've waited a reasonable amount of time to pay the server/cashier--like I did). It's really ridiculous and moronous to make your guest WAIT FOR YOU when you're trying to pay the bill. Same goes for making us wait for our food to be delivered when it's been sitting on the counter and you just didn't notice it yet. They have to be more attentive and responsible. Have a nice week. :) --Jule.

: Thanks once again to Jule for the reply.

: I called the chain headquarters. The representative said that the reason for this policy is to avoid lines and delays. If everyone had to go to the cashier station on the way out people might have to wait around at the cashier, and seemingly having people pay the server is most convenient for customers.

: Maybe in most cases paying the server is no problem, but if the server's busy and you're on a tight schedule there may be a problem. A friend of mine had to walk out of a pizza place without paying because he had to leave, the server wasn't around, and none of the other employees would take his money.

: I suspect, too, that part of it is to try to encourage you to tip the server.

: Thanks.

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