Re: "Please pay your server!" - and another question for Jule

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Posted by Jule on February 25, 2001 at 22:10:35:

In Reply to: Re: "Please pay your server!" - and another question for Jule posted by Arthur on February 16, 2001 at 10:34:02:

Hi Arthur
You ask a very good question. One of which I don't have an exact answer for you. You're right, it would make MUCH more sense to just pay the person who is working at the cash register. The only reason I can see why they'd push this annoying "pay your server" deal is to make sure that it's the server who's counting the cash and can just keep the change as tip (if you instruct so), without having the money go from his/her hands, to the cashier and back to them. I really don't see any PROFESSIONAL reason for it, except maybe that this particular restaurant just prefers to have the server finish the transaction. Either way, it's terribly annoying and really is inconvenient. I would notify the manager or find a website to post comments (you may also be able to do this anonymously either way). Make them aware of how you feel. Maybe they'll be willing to change, or at least offer you THEIR explanation of why they do things that way. It's just the restaurant's preference or policy--but it's NOT typical of any restaurant. Sorry I couldn't help too much with that one, but let us know how it turns out. (Sorry it also took me so long to respond. I've been very sick)

: Thanks for the reply.

: This was a chain restaurant and I'll certainly call this to their attention.

: I'm not blaming the server, maybe she was very busy, but the bottom line is that WE HAD TO LEAVE because we had another engagement to attend. I wouldn't have cared except for that.

: Jule - from your other posts you seem knowledgeable, so I'll ask: Why do they do this "please pay your server" thing anyway? The server has already left the check, and has to go to the front desk anyway, so why can't customers just go to the front desk when they're done and pay there? It would seem to make it easier for everyone. Maybe the restaurants think the customers will leave a bigger tip if they actually have to look the server in the eye when they're handing over the money? I have no idea, but maybe you or someone in the industry could explain it.

: : Wow! It's not as if the SERVER has his/her own desk, complete with a cash register and credit card machine to take your payment---that's done at the front desk anyhow (usually)!! Why on EARTH would they actually tell you to hand your payment to the server who's only going to bring it to them anyhow?? Did you catch any names?? I would definitely contact a Manager about that. Not only is that an inconvenience, it's also stupid. Not to mention, RUDE. Some restaurants have a "feedback form" you can fill out to enter your comments. Otherwise, they have a website that you can utilize for that as well. In any event, I would have made sure that a Manager was fully aware of the situation---including the missing server. I actually visited a chain restaurant years ago. Midway through our meal, we noticed our server hadn't returned for 20 minutes--and couting. 10 minutes later, after calling another server to our table, we were informed that our original server had left for the day because it was the end of her shift. We weren't even finished ordering when she left, and obviously, she didn't mention this to us, nor did she secure the table with another server. We made sure to notify the Manager about it. I don't remember if we were compensated in any way, but she was definitely spoken to when she arrived for work again.

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