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Posted by Jule on February 15, 2001 at 18:01:55:

In Reply to: "Please pay your server!" posted by Arthur on February 10, 2001 at 10:05:21:

Wow! It's not as if the SERVER has his/her own desk, complete with a cash register and credit card machine to take your payment---that's done at the front desk anyhow (usually)!! Why on EARTH would they actually tell you to hand your payment to the server who's only going to bring it to them anyhow?? Did you catch any names?? I would definitely contact a Manager about that. Not only is that an inconvenience, it's also stupid. Not to mention, RUDE. Some restaurants have a "feedback form" you can fill out to enter your comments. Otherwise, they have a website that you can utilize for that as well. In any event, I would have made sure that a Manager was fully aware of the situation---including the missing server. I actually visited a chain restaurant years ago. Midway through our meal, we noticed our server hadn't returned for 20 minutes--and couting. 10 minutes later, after calling another server to our table, we were informed that our original server had left for the day because it was the end of her shift. We weren't even finished ordering when she left, and obviously, she didn't mention this to us, nor did she secure the table with another server. We made sure to notify the Manager about it. I don't remember if we were compensated in any way, but she was definitely spoken to when she arrived for work again.

: Last night we were seated at a restaurant at about 6:15 p.m. After the server left the check we waited around for her so we could pay her. We HAD to leave at 8:00 for another engagement so we went to the front desk and offered to pay there. They said, "Please pay your server!" HELLO! I have to leave right now and can't wait around for a server! You'd think they'd accommodate people who are on a tight schedule and can't wait forever to pay the server!

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