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Posted by Jule on January 29, 2001 at 10:03:17:

In Reply to: no excuses posted by Michele on January 25, 2001 at 01:01:28:

: my town has tons of 24 hour places... cook something at home if it's too late.. go to a diner or a white castle or whatever... there are 5 24-hour diners in my town alone.... our work is done at a certain time.... sorry

Is somebody unhappy where they work???? All of the listings from this person are always so negative! If a restaurant lists that it's open till a certain time, they should accept guests until that time. It's expected that guests will arrive up until the time listed, so you shouldn't be so pissed off about it. CLOSING time isn't always the the same time that guests will no longer be allowed in. Why do you think the shifts go for sometimes 2 hours past the posted time?? For cleanup and to shut down. Obviously you're not a "people person" and are also VERY miserable in your job so I suggest you look elsewhere for a satisfying job. With your kind of attitude, you can't be a good server and I'm surprised anyone would hire someone who thinks so poorly of the guests she's serving, who just happen to be the ones who are paying your wages. And I don't necessarily mean tips either (because I knew you'd complain about that). Guests are who pays for the meals, which in turn, pays for the sucess (and failure) of a restaurant. The more guests they have visiting their establishment, the more $$ the restaurant makes. If the restaurant didn't make any $$, they couldn't afford to pay you. And don't complain about your wages either. If you were a good server, your tips would more than make up for the low wage rate. After all, that's what being a GOOD server is all about. Obviously, you're in the wrong boat pal, and what's worst of all, you put and KEEP yourself there. Try becoming a lawyer, they get paid LOTS of $$ to bitch as much as you do. Then again, that does take character and a desire to WORK and of course LISTEN and react accordingly to what their clients (or what you know as customers) say.

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