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Posted by Munchichic on December 27, 2000 at 15:52:21:

I hate when service is VERY slow especially on a night that's not busy. I expect that a server will arrive shortly after I'm seated to get my beverage order and then "pop up" every now and then (not every moment) to check on my soda, see if the food is ok, etc. When I end up sitting at the table for literally 5 minutes or more waiting to meet my server and then wondering if s/he is still on shift after that I get frustrated and the tip level goes down. I also find it rude to take another customer's order BEFORE ME when they arrived later. Another peeve of mine--leaving the dirty dishes on the table as I eat. Many restaurants I visit have small tables which really cannot accommodate extra dirty plates. When I'm finished with my appetizer, take the plates. Don't make me push them aside when my meal comes out and then never retrieve them. Just though I'd enter in some of my peeves on the subject.

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