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Posted by Munchichic on December 27, 2000 at 15:46:41:

In Reply to: Re: over cooked meat posted by Michele on December 11, 2000 at 02:53:04:

: : i am sick of going out, ordering my meat at a specific temperature, having it come to the table totally overdone, and then have a nervy server who tells me the chef says that's the way it is supposed to be!
: : phooey, i say!
: : customer is always right. food SERVICE industry, c'mon

I actually have the opposite problem. I guess my husband and I are one of the very FEW people that prefer their meat Med-Well. I can't stand bloody meat. I just find it disgusting. I always have a problem when going to the "Outback" restaurants. I order Medium Well and get Rare-Med. Rare. The blood on the plate is a good indication. I always have to return it. They actually explained to me that the "Outback" has a different "idea" about meat. For example, if you are used to ordering Med Well and get it how you expect (at a variety of restaurants) you should expect to get Medium at an "Outback". They class their temperature a grade LOWER than what the customer is used to. Well done to them is Med Well to you; Med Well is Med., etc. I ordered my steak Well Done after that and got a burned crusty dry steak. Guess each "Outback" is different, but I have to specify that I want a "thin strip" of pink in the center and no blood when ordering. Then again, I haven't been to an "Outback" in a while because of this. It happens all the time.

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