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Posted by Michele on December 11, 2000 at 02:31:20:

In Reply to: Waiters need to be trained properly posted by Jerry Conroy on April 11, 2000 at 02:39:47:

: I hate when I go to pay the check, and without looking the waiter says "is this all set?" Well the bill was 50.00 and I put a hundred dollar bill in the folder. Now it seems to me, when you do this you put the customer in an uncumfortable position, making him sound cheap saying "no I need the change." Or you just say to yourself "boy is this guy nuts". It makes the waiter sound like a untrained goofball. How about if the waiter said "I'll be right back with your change sir." reply "oh, no , that's all set.
: Try that guys, It works.

: Jerry Conroy

UHHH-- no it doesn't.. believe me, some morons will sit there while i waste my time organizing the perfect change for them to tip however they want (when i have 15 other things to do) and then when i get back to the table they're gone.. And it doesn't make you sound cheap to say that you need change.. big deal "can i get some change on that?" ohhhh what a cheap-o.. like the waiter really cares if they have to give you change. The proof is in the tip. And if that tip is less than 20%.. then yes, you look cheap.. even if you said "keep the change."

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