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Posted by Hollis on October 23, 2000 at 02:19:30:

In Reply to: Re: Closing time policies posted by Bill on October 16, 2000 at 14:17:24:

: Thanks for the reply.

: Okay. But why is it that *upscale* restaurants don't have any problem cheerfully serving people up until closing time?

: I must ask, is it in the restaurant's best interests to refuse to serve someone almost 45 minutes before closing time? Maybe the kitchen people got home a little early (and I might add that they were *swearing* which I don't think is very professional) but you've ensured that my friend who was not served will never return as a customer. By the way, when I called the chain headquarters they took my side and apologized.
Hey no problem Bill!
I work in an upscale restaurant, (no need for quotations) and there are closing procedures that once you complete, you cant serve certain dishes any more. If you clean the deep fryer, no more garnish or deep fried food. if you want to clean the grill, you shut off the gas, and no more deep grilled food, wich cuts out 75% of the menu, do you know what Im saying? Also , an upscale restaurant is not worried about your one friend who will not return, because they have many customers with plenty of cash who will. I agree that swearing around customer ears is very unproffesional, but kitchen dudes arent always the classiest bunch, although they are the coolest. Im glad that you received an apology, and hopefully now, you will understand that cooking is one of the hardest proffesions in the world, and the prep time and closing down time are long and tedious procedures, so give a cook a break!

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