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Posted by kissing a** for a living on November 13, 1999 at 21:01:58:

In Reply to: incompotent waiters posted by Posted by: kiki on Mon Jan 27 22:31:31 1997 :

: I am concerned about eating lowfat and healthy. It drives me nuts whenI ask how something is made and the waiter dosen` know or is wrong.Also when you ask for an ommision such as butter and is is on top ofyour veggiesanyway.

Maybe you need to consider that all people cant please you at all times. It could be a new SERVER that is presenting the menu to you and hasnt fully memorized all the ingredients,or... they may also have been poorly trained by their supervisors and not have been offered this information. Also... sometimes special request from pain in the ass customers like you get lost in the tranfer from your mouth to the chefs spatula. Have it your way & try Burger King instead.

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