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Posted by Doug on October 06, 1999 at 14:45:08:

In Reply to: Re: Too rushed posted by Barb on March 02, 1998 at 15:40:46:

: : I am a slow eater and I dislike it when the busboytakes away my partner` dishes before I` finished.It makes me feel rushed.

: I am also a slow eater and can't stand it when the busboys not only take away partners' dishes, but if I put my fork down for one second they appear and some even touch the rim of my plate ready to pick it up and ask if they can take it away. It ruins the meal for me. I also hate the routine "Is everything okay" when everyone has a bite of food in their mouth. Go away! If I need you I'll find you. Stop interrupting! Also, I can't stand condescending waiters who proceed to explain dishes. I'm a great cook myself and don't need to be told "Risotto is our Italian rice." Turns me off. Also don't like waiters who appear ready to take orders when diners have menus in their faces and are obviously not ready to order and are still deciding. That's a rush and I get bad feelings about how the rest of the meal is going to proceed when it begins like that.

The problem is lack of training, and you should do
one or both of the following:

1) Complain to the manager, if he/she is over the
age of 14 and seems able to comprehend.

2) Anytime a waiter begins a dialogue with "Hi..
my name's [whatever] and I'll be your server...",
get OUT of that restaurant immediately.

A good waitress/waiter can tell when you're ready
to order, if there's something wrong with your
food, or everyone's done eating at your table.
Accept nothing less.

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