Re: Eating out at Italian Resturants.

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Posted by Doug on October 06, 1999 at 14:38:13:

In Reply to: Eating out at Italian Resturants. posted by Marie on May 20, 1998 at 12:51:30:

Actually, most of my Italian friends are clueless
when it comes to what "real" Italian food is. Whats
more, they make things worse by patronizing places
like Olive Garden, when they should be visiting
smaller, locally owned venues where the staff
is able to respond to what the customers would
like to see on the menu.

If you check out a book like "In Nonna's Kitchen",
you learn that the classical cooking of Italy was
the result of poverty and a feudal way of life
for many people, right into the late 1940's.
It's a good bet that many of the surviving
immigrants were happy to forget some of the
foods they grew up with. The cuisine usually
involved little meat, and lots of vegetables
and grains. Hey....isn't that what we're
supposed to be eating more of now???

You don't state where in upstate NY you're from,
but if you ever get to Rochester, try Dentico's.
Ask to have Andy as your waiter, and try and be
more polite with him than you were with your
choice of language in your original message. He's
a highly educated guy from Italy, and you'll
learn interesting stuff by talking to him. He also
knows how to time the arrival of your meal in
the classic way, rather than dumping everything
on the table at once like the idiots at chain
restaurants. He even manages to keep things
orderly with little kids at the table. Amazing!

Try the stuffed escarole, stracciatella soup,and
anything with their fresh clam sauce.
Phone: 716-266-2120


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