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Posted by Toni Schimmel on September 01, 1999 at 15:20:23:

In Reply to: Re: All complainers- posted by Michelle on January 04, 1999 at 13:25:07:

To Michelle.

I have never disagreed that serving the public can be an awfully stressful job. The public is unpredictable at best. The bottom line is that an individual can not change the behavior of others, however, the individual can change how they respond to an upset. It takes a very SPECIAL person to be a good resaurant server, and they are hard to come by. I know I could'nt do it. Hell, if someone got cranky with me I might want to throw something at them. (God knows there is a wide selection of hot, sticky and gooky things to be found in a restaruant that I could get my hands on to truly humiliate someone who would test my patience.) It's my nature. I, not very much unlike you, hate putting up with bull ----. I lack the self control to turn the tide in my favor without the offender noticing. It's a skill, "getting your way, while not offending another."

What I am saying is that the "public" will always be the "public". There is NO way you can change the attitudes of millions in the position you are in. The question is are you willing to change how you want to deal with this "public" so that you can enjoy your job a little more?

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