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Posted by Paul M on August 01, 1999 at 12:38:05:

In Reply to: Re: All complainers- posted by Lisa Henne on March 13, 1999 at 15:06:38:

My family and I went to the McDonald's at Magnetic Hill in Moncton, N.B. on our way home from our vacation. The girl at the drive thru was extremely rude and short with me while I was trying to get an order out of my kids. She then went over the order again and I said I didn't order the regular and she said "YES YOU DID" very loudly and rudely. She then asked us to pull up shook to the window so she could go over the order again and as she did read it out every item she her opened hand at me as if she were an old school teacher and I was a first grader. I then asked her if she were a little stresseed out and she replied "no". As I went to the next window to pick up our food I asked to see the manager and I a\said that the girl on the order window has a severe attitude problem. She sasid that she would take care of it in a condecending tone. I said that the girl should be out on stress leave and the manager replied "We all should, HA ..HA..HA" again in a condecending tone. I will take this up with the owner as his management obviously does not care about customer complaints. Even my kids could not believe the behaviour of this girl. My 5 yr old daughter said after we left that she wanted to go back so she could "kick her" After getting on our trip down the highway the same daughter opened her hamburger to find nothing on it. We all decided at this point to never and I mean NEVER support any McDonalds Restaurants again. There are other options and probably much healthier ones as well. I have never been so shunned/snubbed by a manager when I had a legitimate complaint in my life. I have been in Marketing for the past 12 years and I had my eyes opened wide on Saturday July 31, 1999 at 5:15 pm to the destructive forces of an unhappy employee who is allowed to work in direct contact with the public. This is a major NO NO and will as I said cause me to never support any McDonald's Restaurants again anywhere.

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