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Posted by Jenny on May 06, 1999 at 18:22:01:

In Reply to: RE: No Title posted by Posted by: Serendipity on Tue Mar 11 00:35:47 1997 :

Wake up. Tipping is not optional. Most servers make
little more than $2 per hour. That is way less than
minimum wage. Servers rely on tips for their income.
Also, many have to give the host and bartender a
portion of their sales. If you do not tip or tip badly,
these people are paying their tipshare out of their own
pocket. They are actually losing money while at work
because of people like you. Many people have different
opinions on what constitutes bad service. I had a man get
mad at me because I refilled his coffee cup eight times
instead of nine. People need to realize that when they
eat in a restaurant, their server has other tables besides
you, and they cannot devote all their time to you.
I admire places that add their own gratuity. This ensures
that the servers will be guaranteed a tip. Many people even add
on to the bill to tip 20-25%. When people say you are
supposed to tip 15%, that is a minimum. Anyway, I've had
about enough, so I'm leaving now.

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