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Posted by Michelle on January 04, 1999 at 15:33:37:

In Reply to: RE: ILL BEHAVED CHILDREN posted by Posted by: NO KIDS PLEASE on Sat Dec 14 14:34:49 1996:

: Touche` Unitl you know kids can behave in a better restuarnt, keep themin the kiddy restaurants. There are those of us who hire a babysitter sowe can go out for a nice, peaceful, enjoyable meal, and guess who we getnext to us!!!
: I agree wholeheartedly! Not only do some parents think nothing of bringing their unruly children to a restaurant,some actually EXPECT the server or host to babysit them. I might add that unsupervised children in a restaurant is dangerous. There are swinging kitchen doors and hot coffee pots, not to mention, servers who are carrying heavy trays of food. It is not the servers responsibility to keep an eye on YOUR children!

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