10 Most annoying things at restaurants

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Posted by Vanessa Fleming on December 20, 1998 at 14:25:46:

The looks you get from the help is my biggest complaint. I am there to spend money for a meal not pay someone to act like they are above me!
Second slow service. Come on my hour for lunch is now 20 minutes!
Third the waiter/waitress does not pay full attention to what I am saying and then expects me to accept the meal!
Forth the person behind me that thinks they deserve more seating space than I do!
Fifth just try to ask for something before they are ready to help if they do ask!
Sixth Those people who forgot how to raise their children to control themselves in public places!
Seven finding silverware on the floor or food in the seat were I sat.
Eight the restrooms please see that they are cleaned!
Nine the waiter/waitress that does to many table visits rushing you to finish.
Ten The hair come on pull it back or wear a net! I do not like to eat it O.K.!!!!!!!

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