Absent minded waitress/waiters

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Posted by Criste Reimer on October 27, 1998 at 12:10:13:

I know that some restaurants want their staff to not use pads to write down the orders. I can understand why so they can cut down on papers. But, when they can only take one order at a time, and then they can't even remember the one order that they have just taken. Recently my husband and I dined out at a local resturant where the waiter staff took our order and brought it our. I had ordered my eggs over HARD as did my husband. We try to keep our orders pretty much the same. So, that the staff should not have any problem remembering what we order. Anyway, when our order was delived they had my eggs over easy. I can not eat my eggs that way. She never even came back to see if our order was okay, or if we needed anything else. She and the other wait staff were standing back against the wall. When I got up and starting to carry my plate back to the kitchen. She informed me that I had ordered my eggs that way, and so there was nothing that could be done. Because they did fix orders where the customer had messed up on the order, when it was placed. Well, needless to say we were VERY UPSET!! And I asked to speak to the manager and was informed that he was too busy to come out and talk to me. Well, I demanded that he take the time to come out and talk to me. As I learned when he came out and talked to me, that the same waitress had also messed up several other orders around us. And it was funny the way that we had all over heard the other orders and we stood up for each other. I think that the wait staff in all restaurants should go back to using tickets. That would allow them to take more than just one order at a time, and hopfully it will help avoid mistakes like this one. As it was on this day. The manager ended up having to eat five checks. It must have cost at least 30.00 to 40.00 dollars that morning.

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