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Posted by pretty much anything with Garcon is me on April 29, 1998 at 02:36:18:

In Reply to: posted by Posted by: ellavtI on Thu Jan 16 15:10:54 1997 :

: love to dine out. However, my 2pet peeves while dining out are:The waiter/waitress just serves you your meal, walks away - comes backseconds later as you are chewing your food and asks " everything OK?"I say to myself, I am chewing my food, and they expect an answer " isnot polite to talk with food in your mouth. Also, I just had about 30seconds to sample it... Couldn` you please give it a little more time.Also, I tend to order Steak.. When ordering I tell the waiter Rare,please emphasize rare, they look at me, then I go on saying.... VERYRARE, LEAD IT OUT ON A LEASH RARE, COOK IT FOR 1 MINUTE, FLIP IT COOKFOR ANOTHER MINUTE RARE!! Usually this method works, but when it doesn`the server will say to me " looks Rare enough for me" Well, your not theone eating it or paying for it I think!! Then I usually send it back andask them to try again!!

It seems like your pet peeve is something that only takes 30 seconds to figure out. Unless you're saying that if your steak is overcooked you need a few minutes to figure it out. Maybe you're just one of those people who need something to bitch about. I've seen your type many times. I love trying to make it all perfect for those people to see what they can find to bitch about. You know what? If they don't have something to bitch about, they don't tip as well as if they do. There are actually people that I wait on and know that they need something to bitch about so I'll have the cook give them two green beans just so they can bitch, I can fix it, and everybody's happy.

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