Re: Please explain the wine markup?

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Posted by Francois on April 27, 1998 at 19:55:11:

In Reply to: Please explain the wine markup? posted by JB on April 15, 1998 at 14:13:30:

Hopefully you will view this as valid. Restaurants mark wine up usually about 3 times wholesale prices (which is usually twice the liquor store markup). The cost to operate a restaurant is extremely high. People in this country (USA) do not want to pay high prices for food. Most people do not realize how expensive high quality butter (5.00 a pound) or how expensive good Valrhona Chocolate, fresh Black truffles, organic vegetables, organic chicken or other meats can be. The price of the wine mark up helps compensate the difference in food pricing. Personally I would rather pay more money and eat quality food (sorry - no cans, processed, or frozen foods for me [I am not suggesting that you eat these foods either].)Also, the cost of labor in quality kitchens has gone up. And it is only fair that we who work 18 hour days in the kitchen should be fairly compensated. I personally am more appalled at a Mechanic charging $70 an hour for labor on my car than I am for a restaurant marking up the wine. In fact, what bothers me the most is when I bring my car to a mechanic and he works on it from 9 am to 11 am and I am charged for 4.2 hours of labor - but this is getting off track. I think you would be amazed at how low profit percentages are in the restaurant business. I also do believe that storage should account for something. And going off track once again - I am tired of restaurants serving super young wines. Start a comprehensive wine program... Wine needs to age (of course, that depends on what type of wine). I went to a restaurant last night. The oldest wine was from 1994. Who the hell wants to drink a "baby"? So, serious restaurants that have to cellar wines in a temperature/humidity controlled environment should be able to add to the price based upon utility bills, etc. I could go on... we could analyze everything from $400 an hour lawyer fees to plumber bills to taxes to doctor fees. I am more appalled in the excessive mark ups of name brand restaurants. Like ones owned by famous actors or sports figures. These peoiple who are solely in the business to rape and pillage admiring fans. There is one restaurant that marked up wines well among 3X... It was more like 6X. But then I never eat at crappy restaurants...

I know I am rambling a little here...


a dirt bag who plates food for a living...

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