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Posted by Posted by: ellavtI on Thu Jan 16 15:10:54 1997 :

love to dine out. However, my 2pet peeves while dining out are:The waiter/waitress just serves you your meal, walks away - comes backseconds later as you are chewing your food and asks " everything OK?"I say to myself, I am chewing my food, and they expect an answer " isnot polite to talk with food in your mouth. Also, I just had about 30seconds to sample it... Couldn` you please give it a little more time.Also, I tend to order Steak.. When ordering I tell the waiter Rare,please emphasize rare, they look at me, then I go on saying.... VERYRARE, LEAD IT OUT ON A LEASH RARE, COOK IT FOR 1 MINUTE, FLIP IT COOKFOR ANOTHER MINUTE RARE!! Usually this method works, but when it doesn`the server will say to me " looks Rare enough for me" Well, your not theone eating it or paying for it I think!! Then I usually send it back andask them to try again!!

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