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Posted by Posted by: Terre Cavalier on Thu Jan 30 16:34:52 1997 :

We appreciate a nice, calm atmosphere with privacy. We don` need to be"" and " if everything is okay" every 5 minutes. Calm down.We just expect our appetizer to be served before our salad and our saladbefore our main course. Give us some time to breathe and relax--that`why we went out to dinner! But, don` disappear like so many servers doand have every other person waiting on our table when it is yourresponsibility. Also, servers we don` really need to know your lifehistory so don` get too personal with us. After we become regulars,then maybe we` need to know all about your boyfriend and your day job.Smile and be courteous and concerned about the food (serve it when hot)and you` be generously tipped.Recently, several of our favorite places have made some changes. Oneplace,which has great food, has started serving smaller portions. It took usabout5 minutes to finish our entire breakfast and we were still hungry.Anotherplace has put molasses on the table instead of pancake syrup. I` thoughtabout bringing in my own pancake syrup. We haven` gone back to bothplacesand we used to be regulars. Oh, and a few weeks ago we were enjoying afinedining experience when my boyfriend ordered his usual white zinfandel.Thewaiter suggested that " broaden his taste and experience with a finerwine"like a Cab Sav. Well, Jay isn` much into wine and I` lucky he likesWhiteZin! Needless to say, Jay was VERY insulted, ordered the Cab Sav anddidn`really like it. Later on Jay (politely and jokingly) told our waiterthathe was wasting his time since he really wasn` into wines.We LOVE going out to breakfast and dinner and are fortunate to be abletohave this pleasure several times a week. We both LOVE to cook at homeandvery much appreciate good food and a pleasant atmosphere.Thank you to all you wonderful chefs out there! Thank you for this greatweb site and for all the super recipes!!!

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