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Posted by Posted by: A Non-waiter on Thu Jan 30 17:27:06 1997 :

In response to those whom don`want to tip: Please remember waiters make less than minimum wage- about$2 an hour - because their livilhood depends on TIPS. Standard tippingin the U.S. is around 18% in 1997. Tip more for superior service. Lesson below average service. Tipping under 10%, even on sub-par service isreally an extreme no-no. If things are so bad that you are consideringdoing so, then a manager should be informed of your dissatisfaction.Usually, things are worked out better that way. Perhaps it wasn` yourwaiters fault that the food took a long time, etc. Perhaps the managerwill reduce the bill total (but remember to tip on the original total).In a proper dining experience- both service industry and customer shouldhave a beneficial experience. A customer should get good good serviceand should let the manager knoew if he felt it was unpleasant. But ifyour going to dine out, be prepared to tip accordingly. Everyone wants awin-win experience. Tip properly

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