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Posted by Posted by: Anonymous on Tue Mar 4 14:43:17 1997 :

TRUE STORY:As a restaurant manager, I had the singular displeasure of working averybusy lunch shift one afternoon during which a couple came in with anadorablelittle boy. The adorable little boy promptly began to run around thediningroom (we serve fajitas!) and ran into me while I was bringing two ladiestotheir table. I took the little angel by the hand, ladies in tow, andbroughthim back to his parents who were oblivious to the whole scene while theyenjoyedtheir drinks. I asked them (ASKED of course) to " help keep littleJohnnyin his chair because with hot skillets and waiters running around, hemight gethurt."The couple cancelled their order, got up and marched little Johnny outof therestaurant. A week later, the owner brought me a letter he` recievedfromthis customer, a Dr. So and So. He claimed that I was rude andinconsiderateof their dining experience (the best part was when he proceeded to tellus thathe was a dentist in town and his opinion on restaurants was very highlyregarded:no lie!)and that he was never even offered an apology, the horrors!Having spent some considerable number of years in waiting and managing,I wasnothing short of bemused when the owner told me I had to send a $50 giftcertificateto this moron. I did, though, and I also quit to work for a morecivilizedrestaurant soon after.Then there was the time I cautioned a parent at the front door that anexcitablechild could get hurt in a restaurant if they weren` being careful, towhichthe proud papa replied, ", we` been here ten times and it hasn` happenedyet!" Makes you wonder....

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