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About Reed Hearon
Named 1996 Chef of The Year by San Francisco Focus Magazine's panel of food writers, editors and restaurant reviewers, and recipient of The James Beard Award for Best New Restaurant in the country for Rose Pistola, Reed Hearon is a passionate, scholarly, and undisputedly talented cook. He likes nothing better than sharing his knowledge and enjoyment of good food with as many people as possible. Knowing that this enjoyment is multi-dimensional, his restaurants aim to recreate the experience of eating in a cuisine's country or region of origin and his menus encourage a variety of tastes and shared pleasure ... More Bio
Bocaditos : The Little Dishes of Mexico features Bocaditos, which are flavorful small dishes enjoyed as snacks or appetizers
La Parilla : Reed Hearon explores the limitless possibilities for grilling Mexican style, with more than 80 sensational recipes
Salsa delicious recipes from the tropical coast of Quintana Roo.
Q: Describe the collaborative process when you open a new restaurant.
REED: Most often the success of chefs and sous chefs is at one extreme the pure expression of a single person's strength and ego. But, the external reality for a restaurant's vision or its guidepost needs to be based on team effort and understanding. Everyone can look at the same external goal; the debate is how to get there. Read Interview
shaved artichokes with fava beans and parmesan
ceviche salad
lamb and artichoke brochette with dandelion, goat cheese and olives
spaghetti with calamari meatballs
spaghetti with spicy seafood sauce
bolognese rice cake
black cat donuts

Formely of:

Black Cat
501 Broadway at Kearny
San Francisco, CA 94133

Rose Pistola
532 Columbus Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133

Rose's Café
2298 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

 Published: 1999

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