Entertaining 1-2-3 Menu Cookbook: More Than 300 Recipes For Food and Drink Using Only Three Ingredients

There are more than 300 recipes in Entertaining 1-2-3, and none of them asks for more than three ingredients. Despite the carefree spin of the title, this is not a blitzkrieg in the kitchen cookbook, a no-brain/no-pain cookbook. This isn't about fast and easy, or about gourmet on the table in under 10 minutes. None of that. Rather, Gold's approach is to use few ingredients and seek a synergy that will push the combined flavors and textures and chemistries to the top of the meter.

Recipes 1-2-3 Menu Cookbook: Morning, Noon, and Night.
More Fabulous Food Using Only Three Ingredients

Based on only three ingredients per recipe, Menu Cookbok is designed to streamline complex lives in stylish good taste. Recipe 1-2-3 helped launch a new movement in cooking: it stressed pairing down the elements in a dish in order to achieve depth and flavor based on three superb, perfectly cooked ingredients. More than 260 recipes reflect the new world tapestry of food and ingredients, drawn from Gold's vast international cooking experience.
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Recipes 1-2-3: Fabulous Food Using Only Three Ingredients

Award-winning author and chef Rozanne Gold has brought together a unique collection of recipes that maximize flavor by eliminating extraneous ingredients...Every recipe distilled to save time, intensify flavor, and enhance the beauty of food...
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