What is your favorite dish using only four ingredients?
Or favorite dish created in under 30 minutes?

New Style Sashimi

For working people, what can be made ahead of time, frozen and ready to heat up when one comes home from the office? (We know that fresh products are the ultimate but occasionally we all need to resort to "defrosting").
Black Cod with Miso

What do you consider to be five must have ingredients in a pantry? And why?
Yuzu Juice (Japanese citrus)
Chili Paste (Peruvian sauce)
Garlic (gives fish taste)
Soy Sauce (traditional Japanese sauce)
Grape Seed Oil (doesn't get hard in the refrigerator)

What are the three most important kitchen tools in your home kitchen?

Knife - customized for me in Japan
Oven - Garland Convection
é Pan - a high professional quality sauté pan

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