Pork Chops with Peppers & Wine

Large skillet, put in the oil and butter turn heat to medium. Dry pork chops, dredge them in flour on both side, shake off excess. When butter foams slip in chops, brown well on both sides, add garlic stir into cooking fat - when garlic become golden brown, add the mixture of 2 wines with paste. Season with salt and pepper and add fennel seeds. Cover pan lightly and cook for 1/2 hour over medium heat. Turn chops and add sliced vinegar peppers, cook for 1/2 hour more, or until meat is tender. When nearly done add parsley mixing into cooking juices and turning chops. Transfer chops to a warm platter, removing all but 2 -3 tablespoons fat, add 1/3 cup of beef broth and stir well, boil for 3 minutes until well mixed, scraping pan, pour over chops.

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