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Chef Hubert Keller

The Cusine of Hubert Keller
Hubert Keller
with John Harrison

229 pgs
Publcation Date: September 1, 1996
Published byTen Speed Press

Fleur De Lys is the preeminent French restaurant in San Francisco and one of the finest restaurants in the country. The dining beneath it's colorful, billowing canopy of handpainted fabric is a dramatic and romantic experience, heightened by Keller's dazzling food and genuine charm.

Keller is concerned with maximizing the pure flavors and intrinsic goodness of high-quality ingredients, while keeping most of his recipes lowfat . In fact his cuisine is so healthful, Dr. Dean Ornish featured several recipes in his landmark book Eat More, Weigh Less.

Here Hubert presents a variety of imaginative recipes drawn from the restaurant's menus and his personal favorites, all simplified for the home kitchen. Brief notes provide informal cooking lessons for each recipe and wine recommendations are included. You'll find more than 150 ideas for degustations.

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