Mark Peel
of Campanile's
Favorite Ingredient:
Garlic & Fresh Thyme

Dinner Party WishList:
Buckminster Fuller
Thomas Jefferson
Gloria Leonard

5 Favorite Kitchen Tools
1 Large sharp knife
1 small sharp knife
cutting board
cast-iron skillet
and a large spoon.

"With these things there's almost nothing you can't do!"

Best culinary school?
"Any professional school in which you are willing to invest your heart and best effort"

Mark Peel
of Campanile

624 S La Brea Los Angeles, CA 90036 213.938.1447

Soup of the day 6.50
Green salad with parmesan multigrain toast 6.50
Casear salad with red onions, garlic croutons and parmesan 8.50
Beluga lentil salad with Italian parsley, roasted peppers and aged goat cheese 8.50
Salmon rillettes with pickled onions, cornichon and grilled bread 9.50

Swiss chard with ricotta and marinated dried tomatoes on rosemary bread 11.00
Tuna salad with caper vinaigrette, red onions and arugula on olive bread 12.00
Smoked Hame with leeks, creamed spinach and gruyère on walnut bread 12.00
Roasted turkey with applewood-smoked bacon, iceberg lettuce
and roasted garlic mayonnaise on wheat bread 13.00

Fettucine with long-cooked broccoli, black olives and pecorino romano 12.00
Sauteed penne with rapini, radicchio, mozzarella and pesto 13.00
Pasta e ceci with roasted tomato and olive oil 12.00
Risotto and flax seed cake with baby artichokes, crimini mushrooms and herb salad 14.00
Grilled portobello mushrooms with grain salad, spinach and crisp garlic 15.00
Mussels & clams with saffron broth, fennel and roasted tomatowith
toasted batard 15.00
Crisp flattened chicken with mashed potatoes and garlic confit 16.00

OLIVE OILS (1 ounce)
Oleificio Chianti 2.50
Sassetti Livio & Figli, Tuscany 2.00
Harrison Vineyards, Napa 1.85
Costello Di Perinaldo 2.50
Le Cinciole Chianti 2.00



Green Salad with mizuna, celery & black radish $8

Wilted Spinach Salad with poached egg, bacon& potato $10

Lentil Salad with roasted peppers, feta cheese & Italian parsley $10

Celery Root Soup with tarragon & parmesan toast$7.50

Grilled Sardines with stewed fennel, meyer lemons & picholine olives $10

Mussels & Clams with roasted tomato, saffron broth & aioli crouton $10

Risotto & Flax Seed Cake with braised rabbit, black cabbage & cranberry beans $11

Fettucine with long-cooked broccoli, black olives& pecorino romano $9.50

Torn Pasta with lamb ragout & garlic breadcrumbs $11

Smoked Salmon Cakes with kohl-rabi salad& salsa rustica $12

Parmesan & Dates with arugula & olive oil $9

Fanny Bay Oysters with champagne mignonette & multi-grain toast $12

OLIVE OILS ( 1 oz.)

Castello di Perinaldo 2.50

Oleificio Chianti 2.50

Sassetti Livio and Figli, Tuscany 2.00

Harrison Vineyards, Napa 1.85

Le Cinciole Chianti 2.00


Grilled Portobello Mushrooms with grain salad, scallions & crisp garlic $20

Cedar-Smoked Salmonwith sprouted legumes, mizuna& red onions $24

Grilled Scallops with braised leeks, herb salad & whole grain mustard $26

Sauteed Cod with parsnip potatoes, wilted escarole & applewood-smoked bacon $24

Roasted Striped Bass served whole with chanterelle vinaigrette, green garlic & pea tendrils $26

Grilled Quail with dried fruit compote, pearl onions & wild rice $26

Crisp Flattened Chicken with sweet potato puree, garlic confit & swiss chard $23

SautÈed Sweetbreads with siamesi di farro, artichokes & caramelized root vegetables $20

Rosemary Charred Lamb with potato gratin, charred rapini & olive sauce $27

Veal Liver with onion soubise, pancetta, black cabbage & shallot rings $20

Grilled Prime Rib with black olive tapenade, flageolet beans & sautÈed bitter greens $29

Porterhouse Steak with creamed spinach & steak fries $35


Mashed potatoes with herb butter sauce

Sauteed pea tendrils with garlic & breadcrumbs

Roasted onions with pesto

Flageolet beans with greens & parmesan


Sourdough Chocolate Cake with ÏicedÓ cream & coffee sauce $7.50

Lemon Meringue Tart with champagne vinegar sauce $7.50

Sourdough Doughnuts with black huckleberry compote & vanilla ice cream$7.50

Kumquat Semifredd with passion fruit ice & walnut cookies $7.50

Warm Apple Tart with sabayon & spiced nuts $8

Panfortewith coffee ice cream & assorted biscotti $7.50

Pastry Chef: Kim Sklar

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