Chef Michel Richard "As a Chef who likes to use the Sous Vide Technique, the Winston CVap is the answer to my low cooking process. It is a new generation of oven. Thank you Winston."

~Chef Michel Richard of Michel Richard Citronelle – Washington DC

Chef Wylie Dufresne of wd~50"[CVap cook & hold is] a great piece of equipment to have in your kitchen arsenal."

~Chef Wylie Dufresne of wd~50 – New York City

Chef Mark Ladner of Lupa, Otto, del Posto"We are presently the proud owners of five CVap oven units. No other single piece of equipment has ever done so much, to aid in the production of, the most consistently succulent proteins. Unlike [other machines], the CVap oven is able to maintain a constant temperature and a moist environment during and throughout service periods. Regardless of the amount of times you need to open the cabinet, the CVap oven is able to recover, recreating an ideal environment quickly, without too rapid a loss in holding temperature. I’m not sure we have found a single protein that cannot benefit from time spent in this unit."

~Executive Chef/Partner Mark Ladner of Lupa, Otto, del Posto - New York City

Michelle Bernstein of Michy's - Miami"The Cvap has made me a better cook and chef. Thanks to its slow warming, humidity and browning controls I have made the most tender luscious, juicy foods ever in my career.  Its also easy enough for someone like me to use. I didnt even have to read the manual! Thank you Thank you Thank you."

~Michelle Bernstein of Michy's - Miami

Chef Barton Seaver"The CVap is an indispensable part of my kitchen. It is absolutely perfect for accentuating the high quality of the pristine seafood we serve. We have wowed our customers because CVap produces product with such amazing flavor. People just can’t believe the flavor and the texture. I recommend this for any chef serious about quality ingredients."

~ Chef Barton Seaver - Washington DC

Chef de Cuisine Zach Bell of Café Boulud "The CVap oven is so incredibly versatile. The morning saucier does chicken confit in duck fat, then 'poached' salmon roulades for the night's service; the banquet chef then jumps in with his tenderloins or veal loins for the party at night. Finally the night saucier utilizes it to hold meat between ordering and firing, all the while using the top as a slicing station. This machine is getting a true workout and is suceeding on all levels."
~Chef de Cuisine Zach Bell of Café Boulud - Palm Beach FL

Chef Akhtar Nawab“The Winston ovens allow us to cook various foodstuffs at a very low temperature, maximizing yield and flavor. I have found that the more I use the Winston ovens, the more versatile they are.”

~Chef Akhtar Nawab of Elletaria – New York City

Chef Zakery Pelaccio of Fatty Group on the Wintons CVAP"I was introduced to the winston cvap a little over 2 years ago. Since then, I have put at least one cook and hold unit in every restaurant I have developed. The low temp cooking, humidity control and reliability have made it an indispensible piece of equipment in my kitchens."

~Chef Zakary Pelaccio of Fatty Group – New York City

Chef Josh DeChellis of Sumile in New York"Modern equipment for modern food"

~ Chef Josh DeChellis of New York City

Chef Steve Connaughton of Lupa"In a busy restaurant like Lupa, we were often limited in our choice of proteins and preparations by the demands of service. The CVap [oven's] ability to cook to exact temperature and hold a product, has allowed us to experiment with cuts of meat and cooking methods that we could not have before. Because of the consistancy that the CVap provides we are also able to use more expensive cuts, knowing that waste and wieght loss are going to be almost none. Knowing that our braised meats and purees are always at the perfect temperature during service and that the fish and whole racks of pork are cooked evenly, allows us to focus on the other needs of the restaurant. "

~Chef Steve Connaughton of Bar Milano – New York City

Chef Michael Jordan of Rosemary's Restaurant"Being the owner of a small 110-seat fine dining restaurant, I was at first skeptical as to our ability to utilize CVap ovens. The ovens have greatly exceeded my expectations. Not only do we utilize the oven for savory preparations, but for desserts such as crème brûlée and assorted steam puddings. The precision, consistency and increased quality that I achieve in meats during slow roasting is tremendous. It is also matched with superior customer service, where all my questions have been handled in a quick and professional manner. I truly thank Winston Industries for bringing this technology into my kitchen."

~Chef Michael Jordan of Rosemary's Restaurant -
Las Vegas

Dave Arnold of Culinary Technology"We use the Winston CVap in several of our culinary technology programs. It's a great piece of equipment for chefs wanting to do low temperature cooking without a vacuum bag and without spending a lot of money on a combi oven."

~Dave Arnold, Director of Culinary Technology, The French Culinary Institute

Chef Franklin Becker of Brasserie"Winston's CVap has become the workhorse of our kitchen. During the day we use it as a cook & hold oven. At night, we use it for braises and confits, especially during Restaurant Week. We were able to keep our pork loin hot, tender and moist throughout our entire service."

~Chef Franklin Becker of Sheridan Square - New York City

Chef Kevin Garcia of Cesca – New York City“My CVap Cook & Hold works beautifully and has exceeded all of my expectations."

~Chef Kevin Garcia of Cesca – New York City

Chef Eli Kulp of Chef de Partie Del Posto - New York City "Diggin' the CVap"

~Chef de Partie Eli Kulp of del Posto - New York City

Chef Jeff O’Neill of Mar-a-Lago - Palm Beach"The Winston CVap assures technically perfect proteins for events hosted at a venue where perfection is the expectation. The a la carte applications are endless, and our range of techniques grows with continued experimentation. The CVaps are an integral part of our success."

~Chef Jeff O’Neill of Mar-a-Lago - Palm Beach