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Sommelier : Chas Boynton
Sommelier Chas Boynton of Dante—Cambridge, MA
Sommelier Chas Boynton
5 Cambridge Parkway
Cambridge, MA 02142
(617) 497-4200

Chas Boynton Wine Tips
July 2009

  1. When tasting wines with sales representatives keep extensive notes by categories (i.e., varietal, price, purpose, potential glass pour, bottle pour, event list). Changes to the list will be more streamlined and gems don't fall through the cracks.

  2. Attend as many portfolio tastings as possible. This is the best way to remain competitive. Come prepared with a preview of wines available to "weed out" items of interest to save time, a list of questions for winemakers, and don't forget to validate!

  3. Look for viable alternatives for wines in high demand that may elude your price point to aesthetic ratio. For example, a Pinot Meunier, Dole, or Cru Beaujolais could suffice or even thrive in your Pinot Noir "By the Glass" slot. Always be on the hunt!

  4. Seek out wines that are ready for consumption. Every distributor has late released vintage wines or items on close out that will bolster your vintage depth. Cross reference producer reliability and vintage quality to save both your rep’s time and your time, then ask for a list of wines to try.

  5. Follow your nose and trust your gut.

  • 2002 Boston Rising Star, Dante deMagistris
  • Photo Gallery Chef Will Foden of Dante - Cambridge, MA

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