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Featured Sommelier Ludovic Anacleto de Montfaucon d’Aragone
By Jim Clarke

Champagne makes a delightful start to a meal; it also makes a great place to start your life if you’re destined for a career in wine. Ludovic Anacleto de Montfaucon d’Aragone was born in Paris, but grew up among his family vineyards in Champagne. After completing a degree at culinary school, he continued his wine studies and went on to do his apprenticeship at Lucas Carton under chef Alain Senderens. As Senderens has been devoted to wine pairing since the 1960s, few other chefs could be as inspirational for someone interested in learning about the relationship between wine and food.

Ludovic also had the opportunity to work in Spain with Ferran Adriá, which helped develop his understanding of the importance of texture in wine and food pairings. He further profited from his time in the Iberian peninsula by spending nine months at Quinta do Noval, where he developed a deep understanding of Port.

After time working at the Man Ray nightclub in Paris and the private restaurant of the European Court of Justice, Ludovic left Europe for the opportunity to become the sommelier at the Azul Beach Hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico. There he continues to expand his repertoire by delving into the world of spirits and cigars, while still finding time for golf, medieval history, and exploring the Mayan ruins nearby.

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    Published: October 2006