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Sommelier Ben Giacchino

Ben Giacchino Wine Tips

By Jim Clarke
May 2007

1. Educate the people around you to the best of your ability; a passionate well-informed staff is vital to your wine sales success.

2. Place special attention on the temperatures of the wines you serve. Often reds are served too warm and whites, too cold. I think it is simple but crucial element for an enjoyable drinking experience. Donít be afraid of chilling that delicious cru Beaujolais when pairing it with a roasted beet salad.

3. . Let passion lead you when you are creating your list. It is easy to sell what you love, and if you feel enthusiasm for the wines and their stories the customers will feel it as well.

4. Never be afraid of saying you do not know the answer to a question, but find the answer and quickly get back to the customer. Honesty goes a long way toward earning the trust of an unconvinced customer.

5. Master the food of the restaurant and its daily changes as well as the wine. I am asked about the minute details and ingredients of a dish just as often as the details of a wine.

6. Most of all, have fun: if you enjoy what you are doing, your positive attitude will spill over to both your staff and your customers.

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