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Wine Tips from Featured Sommelier Allegra Angelo, Michy’s, Miami, FL on
Sommelier Allegra Angelo

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Miami, FL 33138
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Wine Tips from Featured Sommelier Allegra Angelo, Michy’s, Miami, FL

February 2008

1. Be honest. If you haven’t had a wine on the list, don’t pretend like you’ve tasted it. For example, if a guest asks you, “What about the ’04 Rioja.” You might say, “Well, I haven’t had the ’04 vintage yet; I loved the ’01 from the same producer…the ’04 might have a bit more weight to it.”

2. Take chances on your wine list. Just because a guest always asks for a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc doesn’t mean you have to pour one by the glass. You’re in control; put interesting choices on your list. “Hey, if you like New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, try the 2006 Menetou Salon Blanc, the aromas of the ’06 are similar to a New Zealand style.”

3. Make sure glasses are always clean. A dirty glass, no matter how expensive, is unacceptable.

4. Don’t make assumptions and don’t be afraid to ask questions. You might think a cabernet is perfect at 60°, but your guest might prefer it at 55°.  It’s especially true with white wine; some guests prefer their white wine on the table, and others would like their wine kept on ice. Just ask.

5. An up-sell is getting a guest to come back. Sell a great $60 bottle of wine, and next time sell that guest a great $85 bottle of wine.

6. Have fun. You can break the rules.

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