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Mint Julep

There are many variations of the mint julep. However, a good, basic mint julep can be made by combining mint syrup, bourbon, ice, and a sprig of mint. The bourbon should be a Kentucky style bourbon such as Jim Beam, not,
for example, a Tennessee sour mash bourbon, such as Jack Daniels. Crushed or shaved ice is best, and the julep is traditionally served in a silver cup. Proportions of syrup to bourbon vary from 1 part bourbon/4 parts syrup to 2 parts bourbon/1 part syrup.

To the make mint syrup: Take a bunch of mint and at least a cup of sugar for every three cups of water. Turbinado sugar is ideal, but if you can't find it white sugar is fine. Bruise each mint leaf with the back of a spoon and roll it in the sugar (consider putting the mint and sugar inside a closed Ziploc bag while bruising). Then let mint and sugar sit for a few hours or days. Boil the mint, sugar and water until the sugar is dissolved and the water is brown. Chill, leaving at least some of the mint in the syrup as it chills.


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