Chef Todd Gray’s Turkey TIPS:
Separate-Stuff-Sous vide

Chef Todd Gray of Equinox – Washington D.C.
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Gray’s first tip for Thanksgiving service was: “Don’t do it!” But if you must, he recommends taking the following approach for a moist, easy-to-manage bird:

  • Separate the breasts and legs and soak them in a buttermilk broth.
  • Stuff the legs with sausage and chestnuts.
  • Sous vide both the legs and the breasts.
  • Pan roast to brown the bird then finish in the oven.

Equinox’s Vegetarian Thanksgiving Tasting Menu:
First Course
Cream of Loudoun County Chestnut Soup with Savoy Cabbage, Pickled Pearl Onions and Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

Pasta Course
Capalacci of Gingered Kabocha Squash with Roasted Walnut Butter Baby Leeks and Pecorino Chianti

Salad Course
Salad of Grilled Forrest Mushrooms with Charred Frissee Lettuce with Italian Hazelnuts and Aged Sherry Mustard Vinaigrette

Main Course
Cider-Brined Tofurkey

Classic Vanilla Bean Carrot Cake with Spiced Apple Puree, Candied Georgia Pecans and Cardamom Ice Cream

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