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Chefs Marco Moreira and George Mendes' Turkey Tips
Chef Marco Moreira and George Mendes of Tocqueville Restaurant – New York, NY
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  • Purchase organic or farm-raised turkey (heritage, etc.)
  • Avoid buying frozen turkey when possible.
  • Do not rely on the plastic turkey "poppers" in supermarket turkeys to determine doneness. When roasting a turkey whole, roast until a thermometer inserted into thigh meat reads 145° F.
  • Start roasting a turkey at high heat, 450-500° F for the first hour to brown well, then reduce the oven temperature to 375° F and cover turkey with aluminum foil to finish and avoid further browning. Always use a thermometer to confirm the temperature.
  • If possible, butcher the turkey and roast breasts and legs separately. The breasts are always ready before the thighs, so you will avoid drying out the breast meat by cooking it separately.
   Published: November 2005