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Turkey TIPS 2005

One Market Restaurant
1 Market Street
San Francisco,
CA 94105
(415) 777-5577


Chef Mark Dommen's Turkey Tips
Chef Mark Dommen of One Market Restaurant – San Francisco, CA
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  • Buy a fresh turkey, not a frozen bird. Organic, if possible, is even better. If you can't find a fresh turkey and must buy a frozen bird, be sure to thaw it out properly in the refrigerator over several days.
  • Brine the turkey for 24 hours, before roasting. This allows the bird to absorb additional salt and any other flavorings in the brine making it taste better.
  • Cook the stuffing separately from the bird. I like to stuff the bird with aromatic herbs that release flavor into the meat as the turkey cooks. If you stuff a brined bird, there is chance the stuffing may end up a little salty from the brine.
  • I like to make an herb butter with mostly fresh thyme and spread it between the skin and the flesh of the turkey. As the turkey roasts the butter melts, basting the bird from under the skin.
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  •    Published: November 2005
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